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Since 2003, Dean Bar­ber has enter­tained and informed con­sumers with his syn­di­cated radio pro­gram America’s Wealth Man­age­ment Show. Along with Bud Kasper, Dean focuses on the sec­ond half of the aver­age American’s invest­ment lifetime with sound prin­ci­ples of asset man­age­ment, tax strate­gies, estate plan­ning and institutional-style invest­ing which, in the past, was reserved for only the very wealthy.

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Tax Planning: The Most Critical Part of a Long-Term Financial Plan

Latest Show Airing: March 9, 2019

Dean and special guest JoAnn Huber, CPA, CFP®, examine the most critical part of a long-term financial plan: Tax Planning. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much is filing your tax return correctly and on time going to impact your financial life? According to JoAnn, a 0 or a 1. On that same scale, how much impact on your financial life will creating a forward-looking tax strategy so that you pay as little taxes as possible? JoAnn’s response, “A 10.” Learn more about forward-looking tax planning on this episode of America’s Wealth Management Show.


Financial Life Management

What is Financial Life Management? It’s the pursuit of your one best financial life. We’ll help you determine your destination, chart a course, and stay on track. Visit our FinLife Management page by clicking above to learn more.

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Find Your Money Mind®

When financial resolutions must be made, no matter how big or small, have you ever thought about how you make those decisions and why? People tend to make decisions based on their emotions. Find your Money Mind®.

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