7 Things You Can Control in Retirement Planning

Have you ever worried about something … you couldn’t control?

Of course you have. You worry about stuff at work, you worry about your kids, but oftentimes we worry about the stuff that’s totally out of our control.

There are also some things you simply CAN’T control when planning for your retirement.

You can’t control what’s next for the stock market, you can’t control interest rates,

the cost of healthcare, and you can’t control how long you’re going to live. That’s exactly why most people give up and they wind up doing nothing at all.

But having no game plan as you head into retirement is a recipe for disaster. Here’s something you probably don’t know, if you just focus on a handful of the things you CAN control it could have a profound impact on your retirement. It could help you retire sooner than you ever thought possible and tremendously improve your lifestyle in retirement.

This weekend on America’s Wealth Management Show, Bud and I will reveal 7 different things you CAN control in retirement. We will also share how some simple strategies could make a huge difference on how and when you retire.

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