Is the Government Cheating You Out of Thousands of Dollars in Retirement?

For some of you, this next statement probably won’t come as a big surprise, but for some of you the government is making it more and more difficult for you to retire every day. In fact, they’re cheating some of you out of thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money every single year. You may be feeling as though you and other baby boomers are getting picked on from every possible angle at one of the most critical stages of their lives.

For example …

  • This year the Obama administration got rid of two important social security claiming strategies and it may have cost some of you thousands of dollars every single year.
  • They also didn’t make any cost of living adjustments so your money doesn’t go as far as it did yesterday.
  • They’ve pushed down interest rates to record lows for 8 years now. Yields on traditional options such as CD’s and savings accounts are a joke and it’s forcing some of you to take on far more risk than you should.
  • They’re up to over $19 TRILLION in debt* and we’re going to pay for that debt through higher taxes. Our kids are going to pay for it and their kids’ kids will have to pay for it too.
  • And I won’t even get into the changes in Medicare premiums … and how it’s robbing hard-working Americans of thousands.

You’re probably wondering right now if there’s anything you can possibly do about it.

The answer is yes!

This weekend on America’s Wealth Management Show, I’ll reveal some ways the government could be threatening your retirement. Make sure to tune in!

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