The New Rules for Claiming Your Social Security Benefits

OK, time’s up. It’s official. As of today,  April 29th, the government has changed the rules for claiming your social security benefits. Unfortunately, these new rules will literally rob some seniors of income they would of received before the end of April.

While most seniors have taken their benefits at face value, a smart and savvy few have taken advantage of the little-known strategies when claiming their benefits which can potentially put additional dollars in their pocket.

But now some of those strategies are history. So the question is, now what? What do these new rules mean to you if you haven’t started taking your benefits? Are there still ways or strategies that could potentially help you eek out additional benefits?

Have you ever wondered how and when you should start taking your social security benefits? On this week’s America’s Wealth Management Show, Bud and I will reveal what the new rules for claiming your social security benefits mean to you and how to prevent leaving dollars in additional social security benefits on the table! Make sure to listen!

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